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Russian Center for Language and Culture (RCLC)

Country: USA City: Naperville, IL Address: 309 E. School St., Naperville, IL
Phone: +1 630 637 5560
General information
The mission of the Russian Center for Language and Culture (RCLC) is to promote intercultural communication and to help educate future citizens of the global world. Founded by the Russian immigrant families, RCLC strives to build the Russian immigrant community and to preserve the Russian language and culture. Further, we at RCLC believe that we can serve our new country by bringing the enormously rich Russian cultural heritage closer and by making this treasure accessible to all our friends and neighbors in the diverse Chicagoland. We love to share our passion for the Russian language, history, music and art with the people of all backgrounds who come to our doors. Through highest-quality educational programs and cultural activities we are determined to bring people together and to make the world around us a safer, friendlier, and happier place.

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