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12.03.2019 | Learn Russian online right now in Derzhavin Institute

4 webinars (Reflexive verbs) A2+. Online exercises. 1 Skype lesson 12/03, 15/03, 19/03, 22/03 at 9 p.m. (Moscow time) (details)

18.09.2015 | New video about Derzhavin Institute 2015

Watch fresh feedback about study in Derzhavin Institute! (details)

28.05.2012 | New Derzhavin Institute video

Watch new Derzhavin Institute video in youtube: craft and cooking classes (details)

17.02.2012 | Language Exchange in Derzhavin Institute, St.Petersburg, Russia

Starting from February 2012 Derzhavin Institute is launching the Language Exchange Programme. (details)

17.08.2011 | You are welcomed to register your school in our free catalogue

You are welcome to register your school in our free catalogue (details)

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