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University of Pittsburg, Main Campus

Country: USA City: Pittsburgh, PA Address: 1417 Cathedral of Learning 4200 Fifth Avenue University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA 15260 USA
Phone: +1 412 624 59 06
General information
Under the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, students at the University of Pittsburg have the opportunity to study Russian. University of Pittsburg also offers a summer programme established for their students to study in Moscow, and they are also affiliated with other programmes offering Study Abroad opportunities. The University of Pittsburg also has the Center for Russian and Eastern European Studies and is an interdisciplinary academic center focusing on central and eastern Europeóbringing together not only academics and professionals in the humanities and social sciences, but also in law, business, public health, international affairs, etc. University of Pittsburg also has a summer language programme, the Russian and Eastern Europe Summer Language Institute, on their campus in Russian and different Slavic language.

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