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Special Offer from Derzhavin Institute

Derzhavin Institute is happy to present our new guest house that is located 5 minutes walking from the school (Fontanka 137). For all the students who book accommodation in Guest House in January or February 2017 we will be glad to offer discounts!

St Petersburg Private Tours

Must-see's walking tour in St Petersburg - St Petersburg Private Tours
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Wake Forest University

Country: USA City: Salem, NC Address: PO Box 7353, Winston-Salem, NC 27106 USA
Phone: +1 336 758 34 93
Site: http://www.wfu.edu/germanrussian/russProgram.htm
General information
Under the Department of German and Russian at Wake Forest University, students have the opportunity to major or minor in Russian language. The university is currently not offering any study abroad programmes, however "Options for Studying Russian Abroad are Coming Soon"

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