Centro Universitario de Idiomas
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Centro Universitario de Idiomas

Country: Argentina City: Buenos Aires Address: Sede Centro Junín 222
Phone: 5352-8000
Site: www.cui.edu.ar
General information
The Centro Universitario de Idiomas- CUI - is an educational institution with over 20 years experience in developing training and learning programs of foreign languages ​​to adults. Its main feature is to be an institution emerged, developed and formed from and within the scope of the University of Buenos Aires, which means that their conception of education, academic production and knowledge transfer have an indisputable imprint of the university, with all the connotations of requirement. Their Russian program provides you with the proper language skills thorough the knowledge of Russian history, civilization and culture emphasizing listening comprehension, oral expression and written production, as well as the training required to communicate in both daily life and at work.

Courses Accomodation
Standard course
Business course
Intensive course

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