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AUDIOVIS - Lernstudio GmbH

Country: Switzerland City: Uster Address: Gerichtsstrasse 1, 8610 Uster
Phone: +41 (44) 940 69 21
General information
In the preparation of lessons you are involved as a customer and the customer. A well-considered mix is aimed at sustainable learning effects. The small group allows for a vibrant, dynamic lessons and a customized, flexible lesson planning. Homework is an integral part of a learning unit, as well as the determination of the learning progress. You receive personal attention from A to Z of a teacher. Our course leaders provide you with not only the language but also cultural and socio-cultural aspects of countries in the target language. This helps to avoid traveling "faux pas". We can always start a course with you - in a single class, in pairs, threes or fours. We evaluate your language skills, the learning objectives and agree on going on the course length and you are done!

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