EUROPEA Ara Sprachinstitut in Wien
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EUROPEA Ara Sprachinstitut in Wien

Country: Austria City: Vienna Address: Pernerstorfergasse 19, 1100 Vienna
Phone: +43 (650) 523 38 75
General information
Perhaps you have already tried to learn a foreign language and you gained your experience. The truth is that becoming fluent in a foreign language is no easy task to do. Foreign language grammar is very often too complicated and working with a dictionary takes too much time. Also in this case Europea – Sprachinstitut offers you some special facilitation. We do understand your problems. That is why we explain to you all those complicated German language elements in your own mother tongue: Croatian/Serbian, Czech, English, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Turkish (In alphabetical order!). Half of the lessons are taught by native speaker, another half by the lecturer speaking your native language. This system provides the lessons with opportunities of translation and checking meaning of some words and expressions. It limits the time spendt on working with a dictionary at home. Clearly explained grammar structures are easily accepted and more effectively used in every day situations. This process of learning is more effective and fast. Everything is easily understood but anyway we practise more with native speaker. It brings both a lot of success and satisfaction. How much time are you able to devote to learn a language? Choose the appropriate class to meet your own needs and abilities. It doesn’t matter which of our courses you decide to choose first. Your next choice doesn’t have to be dependent on your first choice. Make it flexible. The most important is your progress in German language learning. With best wishes, we are waiting for You!

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