Ukrainian and Russian Language School
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Ukrainian and Russian Language School

Country: Ukraine City: Kyiv Address: Revuckogo st., 5, app.439 Kyiv 02091 Ukraine
Phone: +38 050 198 51 00
General information
We invite you to study at our Ukrainian and Russian Language School. Even if you are not familiar with the Russian alphabet, in a few weeks you'll be able to read and speak, using Russian or Ukrainian in everyday life. We employ university qualified teachers with language teaching experience. Our lessons are enhanced by using supporting video and audio materials. Our teachers will help you overcome the language barrier, and put to rest any hesitancy you might have regarding Russian Language as a difficult language to learn. Our school is located in capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. You will have the unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty of our capital and experience the warmth and friendliness of our culture. Traveling to Ukraine is now easier and there is no need to get a visa. Our school has wonderful accommodations, great teachers and our program is not expensive.

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