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European School of Russian

Country: Latvia City: Riga Address: European School of Russian Jenotu Street 1 Riga, LV-1000 Latvia School's address: Skolas iela 6. Riga, Latvia
Phone: +371 29342873 , +371 2919 1312
General information
European School of Russian provides quality courses of Russian as a foreign language. Our school is located in the historical part of Riga city and is surrounded by major places of interest, shops and cafes which students make use of at break and lunch time. We strive to excellence in quality of teaching, innovation and after-class activities. So European School of Russian is involved in several pioneer projects for investigation of Russian language and finding innovative methods for teaching Russian as a foreign language. Our work is all about communication. Our teachers act as animators, whose job is to get you to speak. You'll get all the corrections, grammar and vocabulary you need to take you to the next level, but our priority is on active speaking. To make sure you get your say, we keep the classes small, of an average 6 and maximum 8 students. From very beginning you will speak only Russian in our classes. It's like jumping in the deep end but it is worth it, because this way you will be able to pick up the melody and rhythm of the language more quickly. You will learn everything you need to communicate with Russian speakers around the world. In addition, our after-class program will be an important part of your studies ensuring you speaking Russian as much as possible during your stay.

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