Russian Language Courses at the hone estate of Leo
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Russian Language Courses at the hone estate of Leo

Country: Russia City: Moscow Address: Russia, 301214, , Tula reg., Shchekino dist., p/o Yasnaya Polyana
Phone: +7 487 517-60-90
General information
At Yasnaya Polyana, his ancestral estate, Leo Tolstoy lived and worked for about sixty years. In the writer's lifetime, people from all parts of the world started to come here. Now the Leo Tolstoy Museum-estate “Yasnaya Polyana” is one of Russia's major cultural centers, which attracts people interested in Russian culture and the heritage of the great writer Leo Tolstoy. It is no wonder that museum based courses of Russian as a foreign language were established here. The idea of the courses belongs to Rita Tolstoy – teacher at the International Education Center of the Moscow State University, with her 50-year professional experience. It is so nice and easy to learn the Russian language at Yasnaya Polyana, where everything is permeated with the spirit of the 19 th century and that of Russian literature, the atmosphere and history of Russian country estates.

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