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In connection with constant increase in quantity of educational institutions offering Russian studying as foreign worldwide, the choice of school of Russian becomes an uneasy problem.
The catalogue of schools of Russian is created to help studying Russian in a choice of an educational institution as much as possible satisfying to its inquiries.
To the main criteria of a choice of school we consider quality of all services given by school:

1. Quality of training
- Qualification of teaching structure
- Quality of teaching materials
2. Quality of the organisation of residing
3. Quality of the organisation of the cultural program
4. Quality of booking procedure / the organisations of payments
5. Quality of the organisation of transfers
7. Quality of management
8. Quality of equipment of audiences and other premises of school
9. Convenience of school location

In our catalogue you can receive the information on Russian schools in various cities and countries. We hope that the given catalogue will help you to make a correct choice of school. Also we wish successes in Russian studying!

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